Onsen Guesthouse 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- is located on a hill by the side of Hotel Kagasuke. You can also reach 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- by taking a right at the T-junction in front of the Oshuku Onsen Area Information board, and following the local onsen road.

We are number 17 on the map. Please look for Onsen Guesthouse 栄弥 -SAKAEYA-.

*Map provided by the Oshuku Onsen Association.

  • Access to Oshuku Onsen
  • Link opens in Google Maps. Please click here.
  • By Car : From the Morioka Interchange, take Route 46 towards Akita (about 30 minutes).
  • By Train: From Morioka Station, take the Tazawako Line to Shizukuishi Station (about 15minutes).
  • Anekko Bus: Departs from Shizukuishi Station. Please call +81-19-692-6323 to arrange a pickup.

Main Hall (66 square meters)

Our main hall can accommodate up to 30 people at once. For large groups, this area can be used for parties or events.

If you are interested in using the main hall, please contact us.

*In order to reserve the main hall, please inform us when you make your reservation.

Cuisine & Rooms

Other Facilities